Mailchain has added support for the Algorand protocol so that users can for send and receive rich-media HTML messages between algorand accounts through a simple, email-like interface.

The implementation supports the Algorand Mainnet, Betanet, and Testnet.

Use Cases

There are many use cases for sending messages between blockchain accounts, including:


Users can…


In this tutorial, we’re going to send Mailchain messages on Algorand. To save on costs, we’ll use the Betanet network, but Mailchain also works on the Testnet and Mainnet.

We’ll start by setting up some accounts for Algorand, then we’ll install Mailchain, and then we will send a message from…

Mailchain has tokenized the Mailchain API and listed the project on Stakes.Social to make it easy for supporters to fund the project. By staking DEV protocol tokens on Mailchain, the project and the supporter both earn rewards.

Mailchain Lists on Stakes.Social

Mailchain provides Open Source Software (OSS) that anyone can use to send and receive messages via supported blockchain protocols. The software is available to users for free, and there is currently no premium business model.

To support ongoing development and project costs, Mailchain relies on its core team, contributions from…

Mailchain brings email-like messaging to the decentralised web. It enables users to send messages to other blockchain accounts or addresses.

Mailchain announces support for IPFS storage

Mailchain now supports IPFS (the Interplanetary filesystem) for storing messages sent to other blockchain addresses.

This article gives a quick introduction to IPFS, then details steps needed to configure IPFS…


Sender of email-like messages on blockchain.

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